Go Into Next Year with Purpose, Presence & Power

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The new year is almost here. Before I sign off, I want to encourage you to reflect about 2012 so you can approach 2013 with Purpose, Presence, and Power – the three things I consistently focus on with my clients that get results. By paying attention to these areas, you will show up with more intent and get better results personally and professionally.

As you look back at 2012, think about these two questions:

1. What would you leave behind?

Based on what you learned this year, what would you leave behind? For example, these could be behaviors that you tolerated, an attitude or perspective that didn’t serve you well, people who drained your energy, “emotional baggage” that weighed you down or decisions that were out of synch with your values.

2. What do you want to take forward?

With your definition of success in mind, how will you make next year even better? Remember to build on what worked well for you in 2012 before you identify other practices to integrate. Consider these examples to help you move into 2013 with more Purpose, Presence and Power:

  • Purpose & Presence – Consistently “show up” in a way that strengthens your leadership brand, the three things you want to be known for.
  • Presence – Better manage your energy (e.g., take breaks, eat breakfast every day, add another workout to your week or regularly participate in at least one activity that has meaning for you)
  • Power – Put your existing network to work, or cultivate a stronger relationship with at least one influential leader who can help you get even better results

Although I’m asking you to think through these questions at the end of a year, doing this more often can make a big difference. Before you move on with your day, identify at least one small step you want to take in 2013. Remember that small steps can lead to big results.



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