Mentoring Makes a Difference

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As I mentioned in last week’s blog post, I was recently asked to serve as a mentor for the third annual George W. Bush Institute Women’s Initiative Fellows program. This is an incredible opportunity and I am truly honored to be asked. The Women’s Initiative Fellowship is designed to establish a robust women’s network, strengthening their voice on issues which impact them. This 20-member Fellowship class hails from Tunisia, a critical country in the rapidly changing Middle East. Participants will learn to enhance their leadership skills while influencing the empowerment of women.

Neena Newberry Highlights Amira Achouri

I will mentor Amira Achouri , a young women who is making a difference in Tunisia. Through her efforts with the Women’s Enterprise for Sustainability, she is offering aspiring and established women entrepreneurs access to affordable training, coaching and financial services enabling them to launch and grow businesses.

I am passionate about the Bush Institute and their work with the Women’s Initiative Fellows program. And I’m looking forward to sharing my knowledge with some exceptional Tunisian women. Could someone learn from your wisdom? In my book, Show Up. Step Up. Step Out. I challenge my readers to think about how to put your experiences to work for others. 



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