The Freedom that Comes from Resilience

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As you get ready to enjoy the July Fourth holiday weekend, I want to encourage you to remind you about a leadership quality that will enhance your sense of freedom in your work and in your personal life: resilience.

It’s liberating to know that we don’t have to be trapped by our mistakes and the difficulties we face. This month, we’ll be talking about how to build your ability to bounce back. You’ll learn resilience strategies to boost your success and happiness.

Here’s a little holiday-weekend reading to warm up for the month:

The Power of Letting Go. Sometimes the most useful thing you can do is to stop pushing so hard. You might be surprised at how letting go will help you take a giant leap forward.

Three Keys to Peak Performance. No. 2 on the list in this post is managing your mindset — it makes the biggest difference in how resilient you are.

Communicating from a Position of Strength. When times are tough, do you communicate optimism or defeat?

I’d love to hear your questions on resilience and your stories about its impact in your life. In the meantime, enjoy your July Fourth weekend — and remember that a little R&R over the holiday will also build your resilience reserves!


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