3 Key Questions to Answer Before 2016

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Each year brings happiness and excitement as well as painful experiences we would rather forget. Before you put 2015 to rest, I want to challenge you to reflect about the year by answering these three questions:


1.  What has been the biggest lesson you learned in 2015?


One of my biggest lessons continues to be about letting go. I am amazed at how much more progress I make when I trust my instincts, and focus less on trying to drive everything.


2.  What do you want to take forward into 2015?


I want to take the power of presence into 2016 by giving my full attention and slowing down to smell the roses.


3.  What do you want to leave behind?


I want to go into 2015 worrying less about the future, and remembering that life is unfolding exactly as it should. I just need to pay attention the lessons it’s teaching me.


This week, take five minutes to jot down your own answers, to help you go into 2016 with more purpose and clarity. I also invite you to explore our products and services that can help you meet any goals you set for the new year. From books to audio training to executive coaching, you’ll find powerful ways to invest in your own success.

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