Self-assessment questions (scale: strongly disagree, disagree, neutral, agree, strongly agree)

Focus on the Right Work

  1. I can immediately articulate the top 3 areas where I can have the biggest impact on the business, given my role and skills (the “Big 3”)
  2. I consistently invest my time in sync with the “Big 3”
  3. I set aside time to reflect, to maximize the day-to-day opportunities in front of me
  4. I effectively manage distractions to stay focused on high priority work
  5. I set aside time to reflect, so I can strategically invest my time
  6. I leverage others to ensure I stay focused on activities that are the highest and best use of my time

Stay Engaged and Productive

  1. I have a well-defined picture of what I want my life to look like day-to-day
  2. I set boundaries to maintain focus on my personal and professional priorities
  3. I bounce back quickly from unexpected situations
  4. I have targeted strategies to maintain the right level of energy to keep me engaged and productive, but avoid burnout
  5. I know how to say “no” in a way that works for me and the company

Strategically Stand Out

  1. I know my current brand (e.g., how others would describe me)
  2. I can easily describe my desired brand (what I want to be known for as a leader)
  3. I know how I stand out in the wrong way (i.e., behaviors that detract from my desired brand)
  4. I notice my accomplishments
  5. I can clearly and concisely communicate the value that I bring
  6. I can articulate my top three strengths and their impact on the business
  7. I proactively manage my brand using easy-to-implement strategies

Build My Visibility & Credibility

  1. I track my accomplishments each week
  2. I regularly share my accomplishments with others
  3. I have effective strategies to tastefully self-promote in a way that is relevant to others
  4. I know who I need to build more credibility with
  5. People with power and influence are aware of my strengths and results

Communicate with Influence & Impact

  1. I communicate concisely
  2. I adapt my influence style based on the audience
  3. I adjust the level of detail I share based on the audience
  4. I anticipate and prepare for potential objections
  5. Most people can follow my thought process as I share ideas
  6. My body language is consistent with my message

Develop a High Performing Tam

  1. I am aware of each of my team member’s strengths and development needs
  2. I set clear expectations
  3. I delegate with the individual’s development in mind
  4. I adjust my leadership style for the individual
  5. I regularly give positive and constructive feedback
  6. I hold others accountable for follow through

Build Leadership Courage and Resilience

  1. I know what thinking traps I fall into when curveballs come my way
  2. I know what helps me bounce back quickly
  3. I have effective strategies to create more stability and certainty in a dynamic environment
  4. I enlist personal support of others during challenging times
  5. I maintain my stress-reducing strategies even when things get hectic

Build a Powerful Network

  1. I regularly evaluate the strength of my network in the context of my goals and business priorities
  2. My network is diverse
  3. I leverage the power of my network to get better business results
  4. I proactively build relationships with people with power and influence
  5. I invest at least 15 minutes a week in maintaining or strengthening my network

Navigate Politics

  1. I know the unwritten rules (how things really work around here)
  2. I am aware of who the informal and formal leaders are
  3. I have tools to help me work through conflict successfully
  4. I regularly identify and develop relationships with key stakeholders
  5. I proactively engage the support of key stakeholders